BlueGo Expands Service Area to Carson City, Simplifies Rate Structure

With more people going off the hill to work, South Shore Lake Tahoe has got its Carson City public transit commuter connection off the ground. A new expanded BlueGo ( bus service that continues to connect South Shore to Carson Valley now goes on to Carson City. This new service began Oct. 3 with routes that start operation at 6:20 AM with the last run beginning at 5:15 PM, 5 days a week.

Fares are $4 for intercity trips and $2 within the local areas with half-price fares offered to youth, seniors and those with disabilities. Transfer stations are located at Tillman and Kimmerling in Gardnerville, and in Carson City at Washington and Plaza Streets.

The expanded route is part of new changes underway through the Tahoe Transportation District ( and BlueGo. Meeting growing public demand for public transit, the agencies have simplified its fare structure, allowing transportation managers to hold the line on bus fares without major price increases.

With the fare structure BlueGo will continue its unchanged $3 on-call plan for seniors and the disabled. This on-call fare is only available to: persons aged 60 or older, Medicare or Medicaid card-holders, or those with a valid Special Needs or ADA credential. For all others, the on-call cost will be $10.

Fares are as follows:
— 1-Way, $2 for Local Zone, $4 Regional
— Day Pas, $5 Local Zone, $10 Regional
— 10-Ride GO Pass, $30 Regional
— 20-Ride GO Pass, $60 Regional
— Monthly Pass, $80 for Local Zone, $120 Regional
— On Call, $10 Local Zone, not available in Regional zone

Discount Fare rates are as follows:
(The discount local zone and regional 1-way fare applies to: persons eligible for the $3.00 On-Call fare, plus youths between 5 and 18 years of age.)

— 1-Way, $1 Local Zone, $2 Regional
— On-Call, $3 Local, Regional Not Available
— 10-Ride On-Call, $30 Local Zone, Regional Not Available
— Monthly Local $45 Local, Regional Not Available

As a completely new service model, the revised route structure will be evaluated throughout October. Any possible improvements will be made and new rider guides distributed by mid-November. The finalized schedules will go into effect after the Thanksgiving holiday. Go to for more information.

BlueGo, which operates seven days a week, is South Shore Lake Tahoe’s public transportation system that provides fixed route, demand response, ski shuttles, seasonal trolley service and commuter express routes between South Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Minden / Gardnerville and now the length of the Carson Valley.

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